The subject  is always the first creative step in a composition.  The subject should make a single strong statement.  This requires that all of the other elements that clutter the image be eliminated or reduced in importance.  We achieved this by using depth of field to blur the unimportant elements.
We could have done it in other ways.
1. by moving in closer and keeping the other elements out, or not totally in the image.
2. In some cases changing from a horizontal to a vertical format will work.

Too many details in the photo will make it look disorganized, like a family snap-shot of the christmas tree.

Evaluate your situation.  In front of you are all the elements of a still-life photograph.  As opposed to the stop-action, fleeting moment of excitement image, the still-life is the artist's opportunity to convey a sense of order, stillness, peace, retrospection and charged with atmosphere.  Here you are in control, you can arrange the elements, and choose your camera angle or viewpoint.

Viewpoint is the most important means of controlling the image.  Changing your position just a little can transform the whole composition.  So find several different ways to shoot your photo.
Important viewpoint considerations:
1.  Frame the subject to eliminate extraneous or distracting details like horizons, and things in the background that will look like they are growing out of the subject.
2.  Make use of color or tonal contrasts between the subject and the background.

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